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Astrology and Horoscope Reading

Astrology and Horoscope Reading

Horoscope or birth chart aids the astrologer in knowing about the past, present and future life of a person as shown by planetary movements and the position of stellar constellations and zodiac signs. Astrology is the ancient Indian science of studying these planetary movements, effects of zodiac signs and other cosmic elements on the life of people. Pandit Eshwar is an expert in Vedic astrology and is well-versed in preparing horoscopes and also studying them for giving remedies for life problems in USA and India. If you give him your birth date and birth time, he will prepare an authentic horoscope of your life having the ‘Rashi Phal’ (effects of zodiac signs), ‘Graha Dasha Phal’ (effects of planetary transits), ‘Sandhi Kal Dosha’ (planetary conjunction) and about many other cosmic elements governing your life.

With his immense knowledge in Vedic astrology, by just studying your horoscope, he will accurately tell about your past and present and will perfectly predict your future. Having the power of divine cosmic energy, he will tell about the future obstacles in your life, probable health issues, financial impediments, family problems and about many other aspects of your life. You can also know about different types of ‘Yoga’ (good or bad destiny) in your life like ‘Raja Yoga’, which is termed as the destiny of a king filled with bliss, prosperity and happiness and many such good and bad periods of life. He will suggest the best mantras, remedies and rituals that are easy on the pocket and authentic, to solve all the present problems and future impediments of your life.

He is also well-versed in the art of matching horoscopes for marital alliance and by looking at the birth charts of the future bride and groom, he will tell about their compatibility and future married life. If some ‘Doshas’ (obstacles) like ‘Angaraka Dosha’ (effect of the mars) is there in the birth charts of either of the couples, then he will tell corrective remedies to overcome them. You need to have faith in him and he will definitely solve all your problems. If your lover is losing the love or attraction on you, then Pandit Eshwar will study the couple’s birth charts to see the compatibility and the root of other problems in their love life. He will suggest corrective remedies and will positively unite the couples. For the problems between husband and wife, he follows the same procedure as with love couples.

Come to Pandit Eshwar and show your horoscope to get all problems of your life fixed at affordable cost. Consult him today.

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