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About Us

Pandit Eshwar has imbibed astrology into his soul, which is running in his family traditions from past four generations in India. Since the age of five years, he is learning the nuances of Vedic astrology, spiritual healing and psychic reading from his father. He has travelled the breadth and length of Himalayas and has learned the ancient secrets of ‘Jyothishya Shastra’ (astrology) from the divine sages. With his years of ‘Sadhana’ (practice), he has mastered the ancient science of astrology and the divine cosmic force bestowed upon him by the divine sages allow him to give precise future predictions and perfect solutions to your life problems. By the virtue of his ‘Mantra Siddhi’ (enchantments), he will solve your financial problems, health problems, family problems, marriage problems, love problems and the list is endless. Many famed politicians, actors, celebrities, doctors, engineers and others had the divine intervention of Pandit Eshwar in their lives for solving their problems.

He is the saviour for people affected by black magic, suffering from serious illness, separated from their love, divorce issues, financial problems, extramarital affairs, pending court cases, land disputes and so on. With his cosmic vision, he can foresee your future by studying your birth chart, your face or through palm reading. Having an explicit knowledgeof horoscope reading, he will tell you about the effects of the transits of nine planets, 12 zodiac signs and 26 stars in your life. By preaching you certain ‘Mantras’ (enchantments) and simple rituals to follow, he will help you in overcoming the obstacles in your life. He has a strong following of people believing in him from almost all parts of the world in countries like USA, UK, Australia, Italy, France, Canada, Sri Lanka and others.

Pandit Eshwar will also arrange for certain Pujas (worship) to overcome the bad effects of ‘Grahachara’ (planetary transits) on your life. If you are terrified by the effects of black magic on your life and you have suddenly lost your energy, your money and your happiness for no solid reason, then come to Pandit Eshwar for immediate remedy. He will do certain ‘Havana’ (offering), preach you certain mantras and give you particular ‘Yantra’ (loom) to keep at home, with the help of which the evil effects of the black magic will ward off and you will get back your lost energy, money, vigour and happiness. In case of your husband or wife or lover losing interest in you, Pandit Eshwar will preach you the ‘Mohini Vashikaran Kriya’ (mesmerizing ritual) and you will get back your love.

When you face any kind of problem in your life, you can always approach Pandit Eshwar for easy and affordable remedy. Contact him today.

Why Eshwarshakti?

  • Pandit Eshwar, the founder of Eshwarshakti is a renowned Vedic astrologer, psychic reader and spiritual healer based in India and also famous in the USA.
  • His family is into the astrology traditions from past four generations, and he started learning astrology and spiritual nuances from his father right from the tender age of 5 years.
  • He has travelled the breadth and length of India and also visited the Himalayas, where he mastered the unique techniques of Vedic astrology, spiritual healing and psychic reading from the ancient sages having the divine grace. Hence, you can rely on him completely for genuine future predictions and astrological solutions.
  • With more than 40+ years of experience and knowledge in Vedic astrology and spiritual science, he will give absolute remedies for all your life problems.
  • The astrological, psychic and spiritual services provided by him are authentic and affordable, he is working with the sole aim of helping the people in need and the betterment of society.

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