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Love Spells to Get Your Ex Back – Eshwarshakthi

Love Spells to Get Your Ex Back
Love Spell

Love Spells to Get Your Ex Back – Eshwarshakthi

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Lost your love over a silly fight? Can’t get over your ex? Sulking and sighing over the loss never fix anything. Are you currently looking for a magic wand that turns the clock backward? Famous Get Love Back specialist here,

Follow the following steps to win over you lost lover back.

I) Give a pause for everything

It’s hard to get over a fight too soon. You both might have spoken words that hurt each other. The wound and the negative thoughts through the wound will never work things out. Give a pause for a week time. The healing time is crucial. Next comes the ego. Wound healing is assured. You need not work on it. Let the time take care of the work.

Are you past your ego? If not work on it. The moment spent together is precious. Just think only about the happy moments. Scale your ego to the happy moments. Everywhere, Happy moment wins. If you are out of your ego, Hurray! come on. Let’s work on getting back on your ex.

II) Know your Ex’s mindset

If you are in love, guessing your lover’s mind is just a piece of cake. Just leave a message on your phone, telling, ” Hi, Did I leave my watch in your handbag when we met last time? Am Searching for it everywhere”. Just add some romantic tags like, ” I forget to check the time when you are around”. If you get a reply as just “No”. Some time is required to get back to her. Try to post random messages like, “am at your favorite restaurant, You want me to pick up a to go?”. Just keep posting some random messages at least once a day. When you get a positive reply, call your ex for a coffee. It’s time for Love spell now.

Sceptical about Love Spell?

One can get skeptical about Love Spell. It’s a human’s nature. But throughout our lives, we come across various rituals whatever may be the religion. In Hinduism, Sadhus conduct yaga for world peace. In Christianity, People drink wine considering god’s flesh and blood. These are meant as a tactic to pull up positive energy from the universe. All these are not skeptical because people believe in it. The Spells work the same way.

The universe work in lots of dimensions that human eyes or mind can’t sense. One such a dimension is our dreams. A person can get a dream like it is happening in real. Sometimes the people see an incident and feel like the same thing happened earlier. They call it Deja-vu. These are the examples of the dimension. Love Spells works by pulling some energy from other dimensions that exist and human never sensed before.

Some popular ways to get your love back.

i) Two glass method: This is a popular method to achieve anything. Here we can use it as a method to get your lost lover and bring back your ex.

Things needed:

2 plain glasses, 2 post-it notes, and a pen.


In a post-it note, write life without ex and in another, write Life with a lover. Stick each one on the glasses.

In the glass with post-it telling life without ex, pour some water. Close your eyes and think about your Ex, and your sufferings you are going through without your ex beside you.

Transfer the water from that glass to the glass written life with a lover.

Imagine that your lover returned and you are enjoying with her.

Drink the water little by little and image being happy together.

Continue this process. You will get back to your ex soon.

ii) casting a love spell.

To cast a white spell, it is necessary to keep your mind in a positive state. In case if you want to do a Black spell, things you wish for the person might return to you. So it is better to go to White Love Spell.

Things needed:

Candles or lights


a) Draw a circle around you to protect yourself.

There are lots of negative energy trying to get into your mind. Be protective of it by drawing a circle and lighting up the candles around. Have a deep breath by continuous inhale and exhales. When you are relaxed imagine a halo around your head, A white light filling up your chakras, And imagine a sphere around you never letting negativity around you.

b) Clean up your mind, body and soul.

Take a salt bath. Soak urself with salt water. Then, clean yourself with normal water. Imagine negativity comes off your body and gets into drain.

C) Cast the spell

Enter the circle area, and do the process of pulling the positive energy around you and cast the Love Spell, If you are not good at memorizing the Love spell, You can hire a spell caster.

d) Come out of the circle.

Imagine that you have achieved what you wish for and follow the instructions. Come out of the circle after imagining that all the negativity is gone outside.

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