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Lost your love over a silly fight? Can’t get over your ex? Sulking and sighing over the loss never fix anything. Are you currently looking for a magic wand that turns the clock backward? Famous Get Love Back specialist here,

Follow the following steps to win over you lost lover back.

I) Give a pause for everything

It’s hard to get over a fight too soon. You both might have spoken words that hurt each other. The wound and the negative thoughts through the wound will never work things out. Give a pause for a week time. The healing time is crucial. Next comes the ego. Wound healing is assured. You need not work on it. Let the time take care of the work.

Are you past your ego? If not work on it. The moment spent together is precious. Just think only about the happy moments. Scale your ego to the happy moments. Everywhere, Happy moment wins. If you are out of your ego, Hurray! come on. Let’s work on getting back on your ex.

II) Know your Ex’s mindset

If you are in love, guessing your lover’s mind is just a piece of cake. Just leave a message on your phone, telling, ” Hi, Did I leave my watch in your handbag when we met last time? Am Searching for it everywhere”. Just add some romantic tags like, ” I forget to check the time when you are around”. If you get a reply as just “No”. Some time is required to get back to her. Try to post random messages like, “am at your favorite restaurant, You want me to pick up a to go?”. Just keep posting some random messages at least once a day. When you get a positive reply, call your ex for a coffee. It’s time for Love spell now.

Sceptical about Love Spell?

One can get skeptical about Love Spell. It’s a human’s nature. But throughout our lives, we come across various rituals whatever may be the religion. In Hinduism, Sadhus conduct yaga for world peace. In Christianity, People drink wine considering god’s flesh and blood. These are meant as a tactic to pull up positive energy from the universe. All these are not skeptical because people believe in it. The Spells work the same way.

The universe work in lots of dimensions that human eyes or mind can’t sense. One such a dimension is our dreams. A person can get a dream like it is happening in real. Sometimes the people see an incident and feel like the same thing happened earlier. They call it Deja-vu. These are the examples of the dimension. Love Spells works by pulling some energy from other dimensions that exist and human never sensed before.

Some popular ways to get your love back.

i) Two glass method: This is a popular method to achieve anything. Here we can use it as a method to get your lost lover and bring back your ex.

Things needed:

2 plain glasses, 2 post-it notes, and a pen.


In a post-it note, write life without ex and in another, write Life with a lover. Stick each one on the glasses.

In the glass with post-it telling life without ex, pour some water. Close your eyes and think about your Ex, and your sufferings you are going through without your ex beside you.

Transfer the water from that glass to the glass written life with a lover.

Imagine that your lover returned and you are enjoying with her.

Drink the water little by little and image being happy together.

Continue this process. You will get back to your ex soon.

ii) casting a love spell.

To cast a white spell, it is necessary to keep your mind in a positive state. In case if you want to do a Black spell, things you wish for the person might return to you. So it is better to go to White Love Spell.

Things needed:

Candles or lights


a) Draw a circle around you to protect yourself.

There are lots of negative energy trying to get into your mind. Be protective of it by drawing a circle and lighting up the candles around. Have a deep breath by continuous inhale and exhales. When you are relaxed imagine a halo around your head, A white light filling up your chakras, And imagine a sphere around you never letting negativity around you.

b) Clean up your mind, body and soul.

Take a salt bath. Soak urself with salt water. Then, clean yourself with normal water. Imagine negativity comes off your body and gets into drain.

C) Cast the spell

Enter the circle area, and do the process of pulling the positive energy around you and cast the Love Spell, If you are not good at memorizing the Love spell, You can hire a spell caster.

d) Come out of the circle.

Imagine that you have achieved what you wish for and follow the instructions. Come out of the circle after imagining that all the negativity is gone outside.

Astrology consists of a number of belief systems that hold that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events or descriptions of personality in the human world.
Stars and planets influence our life directly or indirectly. Astrology is all about the prediction and forecasting of a person’s future. Vedic astrology is an ancient science which considers the planetary movements and the time, to forecast the future.
People try different solutions for their problems, unaware of the fact that most of them are astrological in nature. Astrological consultation has been an important option since ancient days. Although the idea of visiting an astrologer might sound peculiar in this age of technology, it’s actually a wise decision since you will learn to look at your life from a different perspective.

Marriage Problem Solution

Marriage is one aspect of life which has no correlation with education, career, wealth, friends and happiness. It is materialized based on planetary movements which sometimes become a hurdle in finding a suitable life partner. Sometimes marriage alliances are finalized however they get terminated all of a sudden. As per astrology, marriage can never materialize unless the stars and planets allow the same. Astrologers can help in figuring out the horoscope, identify the planetary combinations that cause a delay or problems in a marriage getting materialized, can match horoscope to find out proper alliances, suggest astrological remedies for planetary reasons and give you a proper time frame to get married.

Love problems solution

Astrologers can identify the reasons and suggest remedies for issues propping up in the relationship of lovers or couples. Love is the greatest feeling on this planet and has got the power to change the world. Unfortunately, the love relationship may fall into deep troubles thereby causing severe pain, depression, unhappiness and tensions. This problem looks worldly in nature, however, it is caused due to planetary combinations and their effects on the individuals. Astrologers can understand the reasons and prescribe remedies to restore a normal relationship between couples and lovers.

Workplace Problems Solution

An office is one place where an individual has a lot of responsibilities, pressure, deadlines and tensions. Cordial relations and a healthy work environment are extremely important for managing an organization smoothly. Unfortunately, conflict of interest, jealousy, competition, egoism and insecurity feelings are very common in a workplace. These situations cause a lot of tensions, worries, unhappiness and an unhealthy environment. Astrologers offer good advice in solving workplace problems.

Business Problems Solution

The world of business could be full of challenges such as risk, unforeseen losses, market instabilities and uncertainties, competition, policy matters, delays, hurdles and so on. These situations could create negative emotions such as greed, frustration, anger, selfishness, ego or jealousy and frustration. A lot of leading businessmen consult their favorite astrologers from time to time in order to get timely advice which could be precautionary or a remedy. Astrologers suggest pujas, vidhis, homas and other rituals to the clients who are greatly benefitted from such astrological advice.

Financial Problems Solution

Money has become the lifeline in modern times. The core focus of any activity is making money. However, financial problems are a common phenomenon in this modern age. The reason could be various and appear worldly. However, the reality is that financial problems are caused due to planetary positions and combinations. People find various ways to solve their financial problems but sometimes they do not succeed. Astrologers have come a long way in solving financial problems for emperors as well as the common man. They have earned a great reputation by advising the people of remedies to solve their financial problems.

Family problems Solution

Man is a social animal and our relationships with partners, family members and friends are what define us as humans and shape our personalities. Modern times have seen families getting disintegrated due to quarrels, misunderstandings, disputes and other common reasons. Family problems and tensions among the siblings, children, parents and relatives, have taken a toll on the social fabric of our society. Many families are unable to solve their mutual problems due to which tensions, worries, disputes and misunderstandings have grown instead of getting eliminated.
On the other hand, astrological counselling has helped many families to resolve their issues amicably. Astrologers have done a great service to our society by solving family problems through remedies such as pujas, homas, vidhis and other methods.

Health Matters:

People have traditionally consulted astrologers for their health issues. Typically they consult an astrologer too late in their life. Health issues are largely governed by the sixth house and its planetary ruler, along with the ascendant and its planetary ruler in a nativity (personal birth chart). The situation of the Sun and Moon are also significant, as is the placement of Saturn (chronic conditions) and Mars (acute conditions).
Medical astrology helps in forecasting upcoming health problems for an individual, the exact timing and so on. Astrology also warns us about accidents, injuries or major health issues. Planetary positions and combinations can cause a permanent health damage. However, timely advice by an astrologer could prevent such a serious situation. Astrologers have gained high value and reputation due to their ability to give precautionary advice. They also give remedies to solve existing health problems.

Eshwarshakthi is a world Famous Astrologer in Bangalore. We are highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in Vedic astrology. We provide consultation on various issues like education, career, love life, marriage life, business, financial and health issues.
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Vashikaran is an ancient science practiced to control an individual’s decisions and actions. Vashikaran mantras have been practiced since ages throughout the world and it has greatly influenced mankind. They have also been referred to in our ancient texts like Vedas and Upanishads.

Vashikaran has helped a lot of people to solve their financial, family, siblings, marriage, property and children’s issues. It could bring in quick and effective results compared to astrology. Vashikaran surely brings in positive results if it is used to benefit someone without harming another person.
Vashikaran is a powerful tool to transform any person and bring them closer to you. It is the most illuminating way to control others’ minds and has been a part of our culture and tradition since times immemorial.

Vashikaran mantras have been practiced since ages to control, influence and attract someone whom you love. Vashikaran mantras for girlfriend are very powerful and provide quick results. But before using this mantra, one has to make sure that this mantra should not use to control or harass her. It should only be used to get her back, attract her. It’s meant to solve issues related to bringing ex-girlfriend back.

It’s always advisable to respect human values however in some situations you feel helpless. Your girlfriend might have left you and now you may be feeling lonely. You may feel desperate to get her back. Vashikaran helps you to get control of this situation and show you the path ahead to lead a happy life.

Eshwarshakthi helps you to overcome this situation by redirecting your cosmic energies in the right direction. These energies govern your life every moment and you can’t imagine how much of interdependence exists between your life and the celestial world.

With the hidden energies of Eshwarshakthi, you can certainly find answers to the question on how to get your ex-girlfriend back. You would live a life free of all misery, self-pity and all evil thoughts. You will see on your own, your girlfriend will come back to you and would feel that she was missing you like crazy.

You can bring back your girlfriend if she loved you earlier and then left you due to some reason. You can use a simple mantra for girlfriend attraction. But this mantra should be used after vashikaran expert’s guidance. This mantra can also break your beloved’s engagement with some other boy if she has agreed to do so under family pressure.

English Mantra: Om Vijayasundari Kleem |

This vashikaran mantra for girlfriend can also be used to attract any lady. But while using this mantra, it should also be kept in mind that this should not be used for the wrong purpose like to control someone for bad intention. Boys or men mostly use this mantra to attract their GF back and get married to her. So get your love back by Eshwarshakthi, who is an expert in woman vashikaran, men vashikaran, lady or boss vashikaran, love vashikaran, easy Mohini vashikaran, son vashikaran, boyfriend vashikaran mantra etc.

The following is the list of various Vashikaran mantras that can be used to influence a girl. While performing these mantras for the first time, make sure you consult an expert.

Mantra: Om Hrim Klim Amukam Aakarshay Mam Vasyam Kuru Swaha

Use the name of the desired person instead of ‘Amukam’ while performing the mantra. Take Kesar, Kumkum and Chandan and chant this mantra on the girl’s drawing made from the above-stated materials. Recite this mantra 108 times while performing the pooja. In this manner, you will be able to influence the desired girl. This easy mantra will tell you how to get back ex-girlfriend after the break up with Vedic astrology.

Mantra: Om Chem Hrim Hrim Aam Ham Swaha.

Put up a mala made of red cloth and kumkum, around your neck. Chant this mantra continuously 10000 times for 7 days to get the desired results.

Mantra: Om Namh Hrim Tham Thah swaha

This is also known as Aakarshan mantra and is used to attract someone towards oneself. Chant this mantra on Tuesday for 10000 times to attain Siddhi.
Mantra: Kalu Muh Dhodar Karu salam mere nan. Surma base jo nirkhe so payan pade. Gosul Aajam Dastgir ki Duhai.

Also known as Sabha Mohan Mantra, this will help you get good results. To attain siddhi over this mantra, take 125000 grains of wheat and recite the mantra on all the grains one by one.
Take half the grains and prepare halwa out of it and eat it. After this step, chant the mantra 7 times and put kajal in your eyes. Now, if the desired person looks into your eyes, she will be attracted towards you.

Be careful while using these mantras for the first time as it is important to recite them correctly to achieve the results. It is always better to get in touch with experts to know more about them. We are Vashikaran specialists who have been in this field for a long time. Get in touch with us at the earliest to get effective solutions to your problems.

In the world of providing the most promising and highly positive answer to the entire problem in life can be all mended with the help of our internationally famous expert Eshwarshakti who has been most profusely well trained in the art of performing vashikaran.

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Eshwarshakthi is a Famous Vashikaran Specialist Astrologer in Bangalore. We believe in righteous, constructive and positive Vashikaran practice. We have a huge clientele of well-known people who seek our help regularly. We are undoubtedly the Best Vashikaran Specialist in Bangalore.

Vashikaran is an ancient science practiced to control an individual, his decisions, actions, behavior and mindset. It has been traditionally used to create favorable circumstances in order to achieve desired results.

Vashikaran mantras have been practiced through centuries across the globe and they have had great influence on mankind and its history. They have been referred to even in our scriptures and great epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

It would not be appropriate to mention individual cases wherein Vashikaran has helped to achieve the desired results. However, there are numerous people who have solved their financial, family, siblings, marriage, property and children’s issues by seeking the help of Vashikaran.

Compared to astrological remedies, vashikaran could bring in quick and effective results. Vashikaran used to benefit someone without harming another person, surely brings in positive results.

Vashikaran Mantras to attract and control a girlfriend have been used since ancient times. There are a large number of vashikaran mantras for a girlfriend, however, make sure you are using a suitable vashikaran mantra that suits your requirements. When opting for vashikaran mantra to attract or control girlfriend, it is important to understand that it is used to attract someone rather than controlling their mind or body.

As vashikaran experts, we know that the process of vashikaran is sensitive and thus use different mantras carefully to help you achieve results in the shortest time possible.

How Can I win ex-girlfriend back by vashikaran mantra

The following Vashikaran mantras for attracting and controlling a girlfriend, are powerful and time-tested ones. Do practice these mantras under consultation with an expert.

Take kesar, kumkum and Chandan and chant this mantra on a girl’s picture made of these materials. Recite this mantra for 108 times while performing the pooja. This would give you the desired results and get back an ex-girlfriend after a breakup.

Mantra in English: ||OM CHEM| HRIM HRIM AAM HAM SWAHA||
Put up a mala around your neck made up of red cloth and kumkum. Chant this mantra for 10,000 times for 7 days continuously to get the desired results. This is a solution mentioned in Lal kitaab upay for a girlfriend.

The mantra in English: ||OM NAMH HRIM THAM THAH SWAHA ||
This is also known as Aakarshan Mantra and is used to attract someone toward oneself. Chant this mantra on Tuesday for 10,000 times to attain siddhi. Now if you want to attract someone, collect some dirt from mouse bill and take it in your hand. Read the mantra on this dust 3 times and put it on the person you want to attract. This mantra is known to give instant results.

Lal Kitab Remedies or Mantra at home to attract ex-girlfriend back by vashikarna in 3 days.

Also known as Sabha Mohan Mantra, this will help you get amazing results. To attain siddhi over this mantra, take 1,25,000 grains of wheat and recite the mantra on all the grains one by one.
Next, take half of the grains and prepare halwa out of it and eat it. After this step, chant the mantra for 7 times and put kohl in your eyes. Now if the desired person looks into your eyes, she will be attracted toward you.

In order to get effective results on practicing Vashikaran mantra for a girl, one needs to have full information about the mantra. Today very fewer people do the Vashikaran mantra for a girlfriend.

Majority of the people prefer to hire an expert on behalf of them, to do the Vashikaran mantra and get instant results. However, if the results are not up to the mark, they start blaming the Vashikaran expert. They fail to understand the right procedures to do a Vashikaran mantra. Only by using some special techniques, one can succeed in bringing back the girlfriend through Vashikaran mantra.

First of all, before hiring an expert to do Vashikaran mantra for a girlfriend, one should prepare oneself for the entire procedure. Never ignore or avoid doing pooja for a girlfriend and never feel irritated to do the procedure. Be devotional and dedicated and get know everything about the Vashikaran mantra-like what is the normal success rate, what kind of Vashikaran mantra would work in your case and what is the compatibility score between you and your girlfriend.

To do this mantra you have to first hire 5 pandits who are bachelors. First, give Sankalp to pandit for doing strong Vashikaran mantra for a girl and after that Ganesh pooja, navgrah pooja and sapt Matrika pooja. After this, the strong Vashikaran mantra is chanted continuously using Rudraksha mala beads. After this, you should do havan using rose scented oil, sandalwood, black sesame, sesame wood, havan material and give Dakshina to pandits and seek their blessings. You would see the changed within 15 days.

Om brzee Om Shreem Om Bhreem Om Hroom Om Harim Girl Name Mohye Mohye Vashibhoot Kuru Om Hraim Om Hroom Om Bhreem Om Shreem Om Brzee Om.

Other powerful mantras to attract and control girlfriend are:
Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Bhagwati Ast Roopa Maheshwari Girl Name Saadhaye Saadhaye Hoom Phat

Om Dam Lam Sam Vam Kcham Kcham Her Name Aakarshaye Aakarshaye Swaha
Love is a beautiful journey that helps you evolve as a person. When in love, people undergo various life experiences. While some experiences help people learn a lot while others can leave them devastated.

To sustain a healthy love relation, it is important that you understand each other, care for your partner and provide emotional support. However, even after trying a lot of people break up relationships or are heading towards divorce. Astrologers in Eshwarshakti have immense god gifted astrological powers that will make it easy for you to sort out all the problems. We have a vast array of remedial sources like Vedic astrological therapy. These powerful astrological remedies will surely bring your ex-love back into your life.

If you are looking out for a Vashikaran Specialist Astrologer in Bangalore, contact Eshwarshakti immediately. With a growing list of our clients, we are proud to claim that we are the Best Vashikaran Specialist in Bangalore.

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